Saturday, Frank was in a dark, mood. Hunger ran wild like a wolf its tongue out and dripping, gnawing on Frank’s intestines. Places off the interstate and highways were packed with Lot Lizards, grifters and confidence types, you had to be careful. Yanking his beat down, his early model Chevy Impala desert crawled in to Porky’s Shank’s Fatty Burger. Food was okay the Ice cold beer and the dim roadhouse bar were even better. Frank stuck his snout in the iced beer. He drank until he felt a pair of eyes pasted to the back of his head. It made Frank nervous, annoyed. He didn’t have any enemies. He had done his fair share of grifting and conning along Hwy 62, however no one really knew him. He did things like drive in to Twenty Nine Palms and back for a freight company. No one had ever been to his room at the Del’s Deluxe Motor Inn.
He moved in. She was an alcohol blown blowzy blond with chipped red finer nails.
“Hey man, a couple of beers here,” Frank yelled slapping his palm on the bar.
Her hand shot up. “could you make mine a Vodka Gin Tonic.” After six rounds of drinking, they both were getting smashed. Frank got nervous maybe his prick would be as playable as chewing gum.
“You don’t even know my name,” her tongue struggling in a sea of drink.
” Sherry, Larry, Chemical Sue? What the hell does it fucking matter.”
“You got it, honey it’s how I like it babe.”
In the gravel parking lot Frank glanced back saw the red PBR sign. He felt someone there; and there was. Now he got it! It was one of oldest falls in the world, the two on one double. No violence money–your money.
In the car he felt the emotionless snake pushing on his ribs and it pissed Frank off.
“Try anything except driving and you’ll find out how well, Frank felt a jab in his right side, and you’ll know how well daddy’s pet can bite,” the man hissed smelling of drink and bullshit aftershave.
The car hit an uneven patch of interstate it jumped widely on the uneven pavement. The three occupants jolted side to side. The car bumped left and Frank caught a break. He popped opened the passengers’ door by hooking his finger around an old coat hanger and with his right leg he pushed his two passengers out the car door eating payment. Then gun was left behind in the struggle. Frank stopped the car and backed up. He came to a halt where the man who tried to rob him lay and blew off hisknee caps. Frank threw it in gear and drove off hunting for a cup of coffee..

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3 thoughts on “TWO ONE ONE

  1. detectivetom says:

    Frank might be heading for some trouble, I think.

  2. JJ says:


    I was a young ad agency guy in Chicago, years ago. We had lunch once with the sales rep from WLS, I’m sure you will recall, I was completely manic at the time. ughhh

    Just googled you after all these years to see what you’ve been up to.

    Really impressed with the blog!

    Stay strong.

  3. Lester says:

    It’s amazing how many of your old friends are still around somewhere ! PEACE Old Friend !

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