Frank has both eyes on.the television watching the picture float over the screen.
It’s “The Day Of The Dead,” and there’s a Brian Keith movie on. Frank hates everything about Brian Keith. He hates his family television shows and his dried still-aired, Walt Disney family films.

However, he had to give old Brian credit. The guy went for the iron to exit to tranquility and peace.It was something Frank couldn’t man up to do. He glanced at the Colt floating on the bed across the bed at Los Litos motor Inn.

He ran his fingers over the firearm’s oily, cold skin.

Frank’s eye’s danced from the TV’s flickering screen and the gun.
He reached for. . . .

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One thought on “BAD TV

  1. Aaaahhh, tell Frank to put in a DVD of “Family Affair” and cherck out the niece, Cissy.

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