” So get this ,” Carter says, chewing furiously on his Jolly Burger with both hands. He reminds Frank of a large rodent. “We get this call “shots fired possible domestic. Right Frank?”
Frank nods his head wondering if Carter is a rodent.
“We roll up and the love birds meet at us at the door. It’s summer and Frank I are standing out in the heat moths circling around us as we hold on to an ,iron railing, signal, white bulb overhead. Haven’t I got that right, Frank?
“To serve and protect,” Frank says sarcastically. He wondered what it would be like to open a used record store down on Boulevard or maybe be a pick pocket in Palm Springs.
“Well, we get them outside, and it’s this guy’s old lady who called,” Carter wasn’t exactly a rookie. He did have only two years on the job. “Half marriage counselor half Law Dog.
“Come on Law Pup or is Doctor Phill?” Frank got up and threw his drink in the trash.
The rest of the officers laughed.
In the cruiser Frank saw Carter had fucked up the night’s paper work; and it was early in the evening. He’d also spilled thick glob of yellow mustard on his “tie.” Frank dreamed how he’d do it. Put a cap in Carter’s head making a shattered fruit bow of his skull. Then, he’d dump the body down on 17 Street for the rats to find.
Frank knew he’d never do it. He glanced down his own shirt. He dabbed at a spot of dull, wet ketchup off.Turning a corner they took a call of a man and women fighting. Franked laughed, shook his right hand out the window hoping the air would cleaned it. The call came out again, and Franked laughed to himself as they pulled up to the call.


2 thoughts on “FRANK ON PATROL

  1. detectivetom says:

    I like the turn in character.

  2. Frank says:

    Hey Jay,

    I’ve been reading this for a while. I really like it. Like, yeah, really. But My one suggestion would be a bit of editing or review. Get your buddy to read thru it a time or 2! There’s little mistakes everywhere, and they diminish the shock and awe factor……

    No offence man…..

    No offense taken.

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