Frank slid down in his pea green recliner. Resting his work
boots on top of the television. He clutched a crumpled beer can in his
right hand. His eyelids were heavy like half drawn shades. The
President was speaking to the nation and Frank was trying to keep
track. He was having trouble keeping up with what
the leader of the free world was saying.
Frank pushed himself out the chair, and grabbed a cold beer.
He walked outside letting the screen door bang against the
double wide. It sounded like a wooden hand slapping hard against
a plywood ass. Frank stood in his front yard strewn with dead grass and old
beer cans with faded labels. Frank wondered how anything got done in this
country. There was too much gotcha politics played to make any progress. Frank
remembered as a kid every day was a gotcha
day at school. Frank always ended up getting the gotcha beaten out of him.
He hardly ever put the getcha on anyone. Taking a
sip of beer he thought of how much better getcha was then
gotcha. Back in the trailer Frank watched the news. The gotcha
was far worse than the getcha. Ask a Democrat.

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One thought on “Democrat

  1. detectivetom says:

    It is the haves versus the have nots, but most of the have nots areb sheep and allow it to happen.

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