This Is The End

She had a small dog. He was a tiny brown things. It barked anytime Frank moved.

Making love to her was like getting it on in a kennel.

There where times when Frank would try to fuck her, and the dog was all over them.

Frank finished his beer and told her goodbye.

“You came by here to get some and then you take off.” she swore at him.

He tried to stick his head in her bedroom to give her an excuse. No good. She was still yelling at him.

Frank walked out, the door banging behind him, making an angry sound.

Sitting in the car Frank couldn’t make the commitment she wanted.

Backing the car up Frank felt a bump and heard a crunching crackling, popping sound.

Throwing the car in park Frank hauled ass. Laying on the cracked concrete was Pinker.

His eyes where crossed and the dog’s Salmon colored tongue was hanging to one side.

Now what the fuck? Frank felt the sweat coming from his scalp like run
Off from an over watered lawn.

Sweat start dripping down from under his arms like drops from a stucco archway.

Frank hesitated then jumped into action. He was like a snatch and grab tow truck yanking the dog up by its ears. The body was still warm and twitching. Frank dumped the tiny body in the trunk of the car.

The vehicle lurched and sped down the highway. Frank laughed.”This Is The End” by the Doors started to play in Frank’s head.”The Killer Awoke Before Dawn.” Jim Morison had a point there Frank thought making a left turn.

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