Frank took a vow of silence. He drags around a large yellow tablet as if to shout “here are my sins.”

To look at him you wouldn’t know it; he could be the son of God. His body crucified on the yellow school bus roof.

He lives in isolation, rejection he
bleeds motor oil.

“Please step up and on the bus,” Frank writes on the yellow tabletwaving it around.

Frank needs a supreme force to take him down off the roof of the bus and tend to his wounds.

He needes a sign he’s being heard.
A signal from someone, dancing on rays of sun, thousands miles away.

Only one sign Frank thought. One was all he needed: maybe a six pack of Jaxs beer and a winning lotto ticket-that would be fine.

Frank tastes cold bite of the beer and the feel of a wining lotto ticket.

He puts the bus in gear and drives in to town only to be staked out on top of the bus once more.

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